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Athens Hotel Market

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In 2019, hotels and rooms-to-let have a significant increase, and some more are expected to be constructed in Greece this year. Specifically, 40 accommodations have been opened in the center of Athens since the beginning of 2019, and another 20 new projects are expected, which have already been announced. 

These 20 accommodations will add about 2000 rooms in the Athens hotel market.

Most of the existing hotels are small in size, with only 18 rooms on average, but we should mention the five-star 90-room CocoMat Athens BC Hotel, which stands out for its height.

Needless to say, that the competition, is notable and increasing, due to the increase in hotel units and Airbnb accommodation. On the other hand, tourism is also increasing. Specifically, the international arrivals at the Greek airport have been increased in April, May, and June of 2019 by 20.5%, 9.7%, and 6.1% respectively compared to the same period last year.


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