Vitruvius S.A. Invites you to IREX 2024 Residency & Citizenship Conclave

We are pleased to announce our participation as Silver Partner, to the upcoming IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave on 2-3 February at Taj Dubai, Business Bay. We invite you to join us there for insights on the Greek Golden Visa program and showcases of our latest projects. We look forward to welcoming you to an event that promises not only professional growth but also a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and stay ahea..

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Pireaus, the next big thing in real estate investment

Piraeus area, nestled along the stunning coastline of Athens, has been gaining recognition as a promising real estate destination. It emerges as a response to the increasing property prices in other seaside areas of Athens. Piraeus offers great opportunities for both investors and homeowners with its rich history, strong commercial presence, and residential appeal. A Hub of Business and Commercial Activity Piraeus, an ancient region in Atti..

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Tips & Tricks for Maximizing Space in a Studio Apartment

The biggest concern of a studio apartment owner/resident is that perhaps the small surface area of the space promotes the feeling of "suffocating"  . Below you will find simple tricks that will turn your studio apartment into an extremely functional, comfortable and friendly space: -Define the space. In the case of studio apartments, this could be achieved through using different colors in each room of the house -Cho..

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How easy is to resell one studio apartment?

As has been explained many times the reason why someone who wishes to acquire a property decides to buy a studio apartment is mainly the purchase price. Of course, however high the price per sq.m. is, the final price comes to a balance based on the fact that the total surface is not big. For example, if someone wishes to buy a studio apartment of 30 square meters in a central area of Athens, e.g. Exarchia, then he can count on a purchase price of..

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Studio apartments are only for short term renting?

In the mind of most people, the studio apartment is linked exclusively to short-term rental and is exploited only for turistic reasons. This opinion is certainly valid and substantiated but  only partially represents the present reality. By definition, a studio apartment is the ideal space for a visitor who is probably coming from another country and wants an organized, comfortable and familiar space that will give him the feeling ..

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What kind of properties do those interested in Golden visa choose?

 It is logical when a resident of a third country starts researching the conditions of obtaining the Greek golden visa to realize that they will have to acquire a property in Greece.Their goal may be purely the golden visa, but the means to achieve it is the acquisition and keeping of a property. Of course, as soon as someone is asked to buy a property in another country, which they might never have thought of acquiring, they ..

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Are studio apartments the most secured way to achieve a high fixed income?

The answer is of course positive. Studio apartments, as it has been proved many times, are the new reality of megacities on a global scale in general and in the Athenian capital in particular. Both the center of Athens and several areas have an abundance of studio apartments which serve the new residential needs. From an investment point of view, a studio apartment can promise its owner quite low costs but very high incomes in whatever way he ch..

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In which areas do we find the most studio apartments in Athens?

Studio apartments are the new trend of the Athenian capital. We can meet them everywhere but mainly we find them in large numbers in areas that host residents whose needs are fully covered by a micro-apartment. Such areas are definitely: -Athens city-center. Due to its character, it is almost impossible to think of a large apartment in the center from all points of view...both the space, which is limited in the center, and the cost as the..

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Microapartments in Athens - The New Normal

First, of all let's have a look at why living in a micro apartment is the new "normal – living"? - Healthy solution to housing crisis (overpopulation, lack of space, high prices) - Pushes you to reflect deeper on the necessity of certain things ( better control of the budget) - Offers you coziness but at the same time pushes you to out of home activities (socialization) - Good transition solution before ending up t..

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Is Piraeus the next big thing in Greek real estate market ?

The Piraeus area comes as a response to the extremely high property prices found in other seaside areas of Athens. It is one of the oldest regions of Attica in which business and commercial activity were developed from the very early years due to the existence there of the port of the Athenian capital. However, apart from its strong commercial and business character, the area is also considered highly residential. In Piraeus today you can find ev..

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