Real Estate Websites in Greece


Real Estate Websites in Greece

During the last years we have seen a significant rise in the interest for Real Estate Investments in Greek Real Estate Market.

As per google analytics and results the most well-known web portals are:,, and to

In a casual search for properties like villas, houses, plots etc. someone may notice that is the number one portal for Real Estate Offices and owners for listing properties in their websites Greece. is part of Spitogatos Network and together with, and, they constitute the largest real estate database in Greece and Cyprus.

From the other hand we have the largest website for online ads in Greece. The reason why is extremely popular especially for houses, villas, apartments and plots is in its roots back in 1993. For many years, when there was no internet portals xe used to be the largest printed newspaper in Greece with a massive database for every kind of selling ads, properties like houses and villas, plots, apartments to anything that someone might sell. In addition, continue to offer a wide range of ads, a friendly and updated web environment, hosting a huge portfolio of Real Estate Offices and their properties and with 4 million users it is ranking first among the others.

Taking into consideration all the above we have to agree that the first rank in market position especially for houses and villas and as the most powerful and property dedicated to real estate offices and industry portal belongs to Spitogatos Network.

Below you can find the statistics form google and alexa. with 4 million visits per month
Spitogatos with 2.7 million visits per month with 750K visits per month with 700K visits per month