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After a decade of economic crisis and deep recession, the Greek economy is making a dynamic recovery. 

See why it is worth visiting the island!
Corfu, with its majestic architecture, its temperate Mediterranean climate, its clean seas,

See why it is worth visiting the island!
With 5000 years of history and culture, with a total of 320 days of sunshine round year, with beautiful, clean seas and impressive mountains,

In the Greek real estate market, there are speeds of two categories.

The very good properties that have not suffered great losses from the crisis and the secondary ones that have undergone significant pressures and significant price drops nationwide up to 42,7%.

In recent years we have observed that in the Greek real estate market the Chinese, the Russians, the Arabs and the Turks Invest millions in the program of Golden Visa. This is one of the determining factors for opening the market doors to foreign investors. 

In 2019, hotels and rooms-to-let have a significant increase, and some more are expected to be constructed in Greece this year. Specifically, 40 accommodations have been opened in the center of Athens since the beginning of 2019, and another 20 new projects are expected, which have already been announced. 

According to HolidayCheck, there is a noticeable increase in bookings in Greece in January - July 2019. Specifically, this period appears to have increased by 10% compared to the corresponding months of the previous year, with June and July being on top, with 40% increase in June and 20% in July.



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