An Outlook Of The Greek Real Estate Market In 2022

Let's have a glance at how 2021 left us: Properties’ price levels Especially in the capital due to the fact that traditionally welcomes and hosts huge number of visitors and during corona times did the same thing about one new species of visitors (the so called “digital nomads”, people who started working remotely and decided to move to other countries) the demand at the housing sector (short or long term) was une..

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Reasons Why Real Estate In Greece Is A Good Investment

Many people avoid real estate investments because they find it either too “old-fashioned” and they prefer a more dynamic investment environment such as stock market or because they are scared of the amount of money needed. Neither of these is accurate: Properties don’t have a certain starting price and there is a huge variety of factors that differentiate the prices: place, status, surface, facilities, etc. so the buyer do..

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Why Invest In Athens

✔️Athens is the capital of Greece, something that automatically turns the city into the center of decision making and puts it on the front line. Whatever happens in every sector ( politics, culture, economics) happens here first. ✔️Financial  center of Greece. After the crisis Greece is building up a stable, trustworthy and investment-friendly environment that has turned country's economy into one of the most fast growing. As a m..

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What is the best location to stay in Athens?

Athens is one of the most beautiful and interesting metropolis in Europe. Famous about its history and rich architecture, Athens captures your sight from the first glance. The capital of Greece offers to the visitor numerous options for staycations. Athens spread itself from North to South and from West to East offering plenty of accommodation places according to visitor’s taste. Definitely on of the best place to stay in Athens is the c..

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Is it safe to buy a property in Greece?

Covid-19 crisis has brought many concerns to potential property buyers, especially when it comes to property investment outside their home country. Greece is a modern democratic country with strong tradition in property ownership. The Home owners in Greece are more than 80% as they are very attached to property investment. Moreover, property rights of the owner are strongly respected from the Greek laws, the courts, the authorities and the consti..

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Is buying a property in Greece a good investment?

Greece is among the most favorite holiday destination of the world and especially in Europe. The impeccable natural beauty, the picturesque villages, the famous islands and the modern cities are only some of the reasons that make Greece a top destination with tourism flow all over the year. The real estate and especially the property buying process in Greece is smooth and efficient the last years due to the digitalization of some services and ..

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How much is apartment in Greece?

Greece is among the best options when it comes to apartments. As a country it’s ideally located as a cross path between West and East. Moreover, its beautiful cities with the rich architecture past and modern infrastructure offer plenty of residential options.  Compared to other European Countries Greece is considered to be competitive in real estate and especially in apartment prices. As always location play a significant role so for ..

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Where can I buy a villa in Greece?

Greece is a country where the property options and especially for villas are limitless. With 131957 km2 total surface and 2000 islands from which 225 are inhabited there are plenty of villas available and ready for purchase. One of the most important criteria when it comes to property purchase is the identification of the desired location. In big Greek Cities villas are really popular and the variety you can get in m2 and design is wide. Athens o..

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Is it a good time to buy property in Greece?

The last years Greek Real Estate has bounced back. Following the economical crisis in Greece which occurred a drop down in prices and the values of the properties, the Greek Real Estate market is doing extremely well. The new government in Greece, the tax facilitations and the digitalization of the services that affects the real estate buyers have improved a lot the market. In every crisis it’s obvious through the years that opportunitie..

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How do you buy property in Athens Greece?

The process of owning a property in Athens and generally in Greece is very straight forward and lately due to the digitalization of many procedures the whole process is smooth and fast. The steps in order to buy a property are simple but you always have to keep in mind that you need to be careful and well informed from professional sources and people. In order to buy a property in Athens you have first to choose in which area you are willing to b..

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