Can foreigners buy a property in Greece?

When it comes to buy a house, an apartment or land for sale in Greece many foreigners admit that this is a life time dream. Greek Laws have no restriction to allow foreigners buying property in Greece. The rule applies only to non-EU-Citizens, but the solution to this is to apply for Golden Visa. Greek Golden Visa is one of the best within Europe as the residency in Greece requires an investment of 250.000 euro. Is buying a property in Greece ..

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Is real estate cheap in Greece?

Greece is considered to be one of the most competitive European Countries when it comes to property for sale. Apartments for sale in Greece are cheaper than in others European Metropolis. Taking into consideration that someone who want to buy a house in Greece is benefited from the low taxation, the affordable lifestyle and the friendly expat environment- we can say that buying a property in Greece is value for money. What is the average price..

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Top Real Estate Websites in Greece

The best real estate websites in Greece- do you know them? Are you looking to buy a property in Greece? If you do so you have to visit the best property portals in Greece. In the below ranking we present them by number of visitors. When looking at these numbers please keep in mind that Greek’s population is just 11 million. The classification* of the property portals in Greece is: Spitogatos with 4 million total visit per month ..

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Real Estate Websites in Greece

As per google analytics and results the most well-known web portals are: xe.gr, Spitogatos.gr, spiti24.gr and to spitimou.grIn a casual search for properties like villas, houses, plots etc. someone may notice that Spitogatos.gr is the number one portal for Real Estate Offices and owners for listing properties in their websites Greece.Spitogatos.gr is part of Spitogatos Network and together with Spiti24.gr, Tospitimou.gr and Spitogatos.com.cy, the..

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Villas in Greece

Villas come with all the freedom of an individual house, security, better lifestyle and the best return value. Along with this they are also a steady source of income. Thus the smartest investment today, is investment villas in Greece by the best builders.The concept of villa is quite popular in Greece .Villas in Greece today are seen as one of the best property investments. If one thinks of investing in real estate, they must be firstly clear th..

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Real Estate in Halkidiki

While it is noted that Real Estate in Halkidiki attracts many buyers from all around Europe and the rest of the world, its prices remain reasonable and finding the home of your dreams should be no problem.Its many popular areas, such as Kassandra, Propontida or Kriopigi, all offer options that can appeal to any budget. Still, the prices, as competitive as they are, are definitely following a rising course over the past few years, so if you are in..

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Real Estate in ThessalonikiThessaloniki has a strategic position linking the Balkan Countries and the Middle East since the Byzantine times. Being one of the most visited cities worldwide, Thessaloniki has a strong leading role in economic,tourism cultural, and real estate investment in Greece.Located close to the sea, it is a contemporary metropolis with evidence of its rich history and multi-ethnic character; this gives it a special beauty that..

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Crete Island

Real Estate in CreteCrete combines the old with the new, the mountain with the sea and gathers so many comparative advantages that it is now one of the most popular Greek destinations. It has innumerable architectural diamonds that it acquired.Real Estate Investment Reasons in CreteThe investment in Crete land could be the best deal of your life because this big and beautiful island is for every age, for every purse, for all tastes.The growth of ..

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Mykonos Island

Real Estate in MykonosMykonos is the queen of the queens in Cyclades. The most popular and cosmopolitan island of the Aegean. Famous about the nightlife, the elegant restaurants, the lifestyle, the jet setters who adore this place, the famous beaches and the amazing villas and houses that you can stay in and have the time of your life. The Real Estate Industry in the island is as strong and famous as the island itself. Breathtaking Villas and Hou..

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Santorini Island

Real Estate in Santorini Santorini is the perfect place for vacations or why not a honeymoon in some of world’s best villas. Santorini is both romantic and adventurous. Seclusive but also full of energy and with lots of things to do Villas in Santorini are some of the most photoshoot around the world. Seaside villas with private beaches, villas in famous Caldera with infinity pools, luxury private houses in Oia or why not a super luxurious ca..

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