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Six reasons why Crete is a popular tourist destination

See why it is worth visiting the island!
With 5000 years of history and culture, with a total of 320 days of sunshine round year, with beautiful, clean seas and impressive mountains,

with its hospitable people and delicious local products, Crete has long been established as popular tourist destination!

Crete is perhaps the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, with an average annual sunshine of 320 days! The climate of Crete is temperate and is considered as one of the most beneficial climates in Europe. The summers are warm and dry, while the winters are mild, making the island the ideal place for holidays, relaxation, sports, entertainment and cruise excursions throughout the year.

Crete is known for its history and culture, which dates back to the Minoan times and continues to this day. As an island, it is entirely like an open air museum featuring hundreds of attractions. On the island, the visitor can see:

  • The archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos
  • The Venetian castles
  • The old town of Chania
  • Dozens of monasteries and churches
  • Spinalonga, the leper island
  • Thalassokosmos in Heraklion

Cultural and sporting events, concerts, festivals and celebrations take place throughout the year, in Crete. Traditional religious festivals, are among the most popular events, that bring residents close to each other as well as to tourists, creating a warm and welcoming community atmosphere.


Food and entertainment
Cretan cuisine largely represents the essence of the famous Mediterranean cuisine. Based on olive oil, local meat and cheese products, its unique wines and traditional Cretan tsikoudia, wild greens and fresh materials, Cretan cuisine consists of some really amazing dishes.

The island features award-winning restaurants and traditional taverns and chophouses, hundreds of bars, cafes, clubs and cafes. In addition to traditional Cretan cuisine, visitors can also find cuisines from all over the world.

Natural beauty
Crete is a unique combination of seas, plains and mountains and the place where three different continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) meet. Nature lovers will feel they’re in heaven when exploring the island’s unique landscapes and impressive biodiversity.chop

The snowy peaks of Psiloritis, Samaria Gorge and the other gorges of Crete, the palm forest of Vai, Elafonissos, the dozens of caves, the islands countless paths and beaches are some of the most popular attractions for thousands of visitors each year.

Crete features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as:

  • Balos, Elafonissi and Falassarna in the prefecture of Chania
  • Vai, Kolokitha and Agia Fotia in the prefecture of Lasithi
  • Matala, Agiofarago and Vathi in the prefecture of Heraklion
  • Preveli, Agios Pavlos and Schinaria in Rethymnon Prefecture



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