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The future with Greek properties

In the Greek real estate market, there are speeds of two categories.

The very good properties that have not suffered great losses from the crisis and the secondary ones that have undergone significant pressures and significant price drops nationwide up to 42,7%.

The market's potential is visible and with a guarantee for the future.

Real estate in Greece in recent years has changed at the expense of international firms where they see mainly the changes that have been made in recent years of the crisis.

Demand now focuses on 2 specific categories (Foreign investors and Local investors, where they differ greatly in their investment preferences.

If the situation in the country is stabilized (economically and politically), interest in:

- Commercial properties in the center of Athens and the South Suburbs. (Foreign investors)

- Real estate in the Southern suburbs and Northern suburbs, mainly used. (Local investors)

- To develop new or purchase existing tourist properties. (Foreign investors)

- Small apartments in the Ionian and Aegean islands for tourist escape. (Local investors)


There are many properties on the market, yet they are the key point for the next speeds that will now restore the market to a competitive position in Europe and, in general, the real investment map where it will be possible to associate Foreign Investors with Local Investors.



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