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Athens is Greece's most popular tourist destination and one of the top 20 European cities for tourists from all over the world!

Guests choose the capital of Greece, because it combines cultural elements of ancient and modern history, while at the same time featuring the infrastructure of a modern European city.

In a close driving distance from the city center, there are coasts with wonderful beaches, as well as ports that provide access to the famous Greek islands. In fact, Athens is the only European capital from which you can take a one-day cruise for visiting at least three different islands (Hydra, Poros, Aegina)!

Tourist traffic to the capital is significantly rising year by year, bringing a record number of 5.5 million tourists in 2018, which is expected to increase even further in 2019. This, coupled with the decline in property costs over the recent years, has impressively increased investing interest for both residential and commercial real estate.

Investment interest in the Athens real estate market by individuals, companies and hedge funds

from around the world, and mainly from countries such as China, Russia, Israel, and other Middle Eastern countries, opt for investing in Athens, especially in areas around the center or on the southside (seaside) of the city.

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Why invest in Athens?

Excellent real estate and living costs

The cost of real estate in Athens has fallen considerably in the recent years, while living costs have always been affordable, especially in relation to other European cities. Here you can find high-quality services and excellent products at very affordable prices. It is no coincidence that Athens has also become a particularly popular medical tourist destination.

✔ Athens is a safe city with an infrastructure of European standards

Athens, with 5 million permanent residents and 5.5 million visitors from all over the world, is characterized by multiculturalism and openness, offering the opportunity for a comfortable and enjoyable life, with many options for fun and entertainment. In addition to this, in Athens you can access modern infrastructure that can provide you with an excellent quality of life:

✅ Hospitals, private clinics, and doctors

✅ Public schools and private colleges

✅ Hotels and conference centers

✅ Modern transport network

✔ Golden Visa: The Greek Golden Visa that attracts third-country nationals

The Greek Golden visa program has contributed in increasing the demand for investment in real estate in Athens. It is a favorable visa program; of lower price in comparison to other similar visas, that permits third-country nationals to stay in Greece, while also providing them with the opportunity for free movement around Europe.


The Greek Golden Visa is cheaper than other similar visas and offers more privileges, and what is more, it gives you the opportunity to stay and invest in a country that is one of the safest countries in Europe!

A medical destination for interested people from all over the world

Greek doctors are known for their high-level skills. In Athens, interested people from all over the world find top medical services at affordable prices. The capital of Greece features modern and well-equipped clinics, offices and facilities, staffed by specialized medical and nursing staff.

A favorite destination for international newlyweds and couples about to be married

Athens is also a favorite destination for newlyweds and couples about to be married, given the many options it provides, both in the city and in nearby destinations, as well as in the suburbs or in neighboring islands! Wedding organization generates even greater needs for accommodation, as the couples about to be married are often accompanied by several guests.

Favorite destination for marathon runners

The Athens Classic Marathon (42km), which starts from Marathon (an area outside of Athens) and ends in Kallimarmaro (in the center of Athens), brings together 55,000 people from 105 countries, each year. As a great sporting event, it brings together people from around the world who celebrate participation and fair play.

In all respects, Athens represents a great choice for real estate investment, either for commercial or residential purposes. For whatever reason you are interested in investing in the capital of Greece, our team is here to help you implement your investment in the most effective way.

Why visit Athens? 


Athens is located on the great peninsula of Attica, in the central part of Greece, where the climate is mild Mediterranean, the sun shines almost all year round and the annual mean temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. 


Athens is a magical city that combines the ancient past with modern history, marrying the classic with the modern and the modern with the picturesque. At the heart of the city, stands perhaps the most famous rock of humanity, the Acropolis, featuring the temple of the Parthenon, which attracts more than 2 million visitors each year!
Apart from the Acropolis and the Parthenon, however, in Athens you will find plenty of ancient Greek and Roman monuments, as well as dozens of museums for both adults and children.


Cultural events (concerts, festivals, parades, theatrical performances in open theaters), as well as sports events (the Athens Classic Marathon, little marathons, bicycle races) are organized in Athens every year. 


Greek cuisine is very popular worldwide, but in Athens you can find cuisines from all over the world, including excellent quality ingredients. There are dining and drinking areas for all hours and for all tastes: traditional tavernas, modern restaurants, trendy bars, classic pubs, cafes, barbecues, and canteens- food, drink and entertainment are always available! 


At a very short distance from Athens, you have the opportunity to visit -by car- wonderful beaches for swimming, eating or drinking, or -by boat- some of the nearby islands (Aegina, Hydra, Ios, Poros, Agistri, Methana) where you can also enjoy unique beaches, but also really delicious food from excellent local ingredients.


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