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Chalkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece

Chalkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and undoubtedly the top destination of Northern Greece and Macedonia. It is a large peninsula surrounded by the Aegean Sea, forming three distinct peninsulas looking like “legs” on the southern part.

Chalkidiki has always been a sought-after resort for Greek and foreign tourists coming from the northern neighboring countries (the Balkans, Eastern Europe). Over the last years, though, it has also become a popular destination for tourists coming from Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.

Tourist traffic increase, coupled with substantial reductions in property costs, have also greatly increased the investment interest in both residential and commercial real estate.


Investment interest in the Chalkidiki real estate market
Investors, large corporations and hedge funds from around the world, and mainly from countries such as Russia, Israel, the Balkans and Turkey, opt for investing in Chalkidiki. Companies and hedge funds focus on the acquisition or construction of new tourism units. Private investors are mainly interested in acquiring a holiday home, for personal or commercial use (short-term rental).

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Why invest in Chalkidiki?

Excellent real estate and living costs
The cost of real estate in Chalkidiki has fallen sharply in recent years (even more compared to Athens), while living costs have always been affordable, especially in relation to other European cities. Here you can find high-quality services and excellent products at very affordable prices.

Infrastructure thanks to proximity to Thessaloniki 
Thanks the proximity, Chalkidiki has become the remote suburb of Thessaloniki, so the residents of the region get access the infrastructure of a developed city.

✅ Hospitals, private clinics and doctors

✅ Public schools and private colleges

✅ Hotels and conference centers

✅ Modern transport network

Top religious destination
Mount Athos, located on the peninsula of Athos in Chalkidiki, is a monument of world historical and spiritual heritage and is considered a holy place for Orthodox Christians all over the world. Pilgrims (only men are allowed entrance) visit the monastic state to pray and get a blessing from the wise monks- visitors can also stay over for some days if they wish to.

Golden Visa: The Greek Golden Visa that attracts third-country nationals
The Greek Golden visa program has contributed in increasing the demand for investment in real estate in Chalkidiki. It is an advantageous visa program; it costs less in comparison to other similar visas, that permits third-country nationals to stay in Greece, while also providing them with the opportunity for free movement around Europe.

A popular destination for nature lovers
Chalkidiki is a magical place, combining wonderful beaches, crystal clear waters and dense pine forests that reach the sandy beach. Water sports fans, solitude seekers, free campers, and of course nature lovers, will love it!

A popular destination for luxurious holidays
Chalkidiki features modern large hotel units, luxurious accommodations, spas, casinos, private marinas, gourmet restaurants, wedding venues, and shops, offering tourists the ultimate stay experience.

Chalkidiki offers great investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Whether you want to invest for residential or commercial use, our teamof experts are here to help you make the most efficient investment.

Why visit Chalkidiki? 


Chalkidiki is the birthplace of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle and the homeland of important settlements and cities of antiquity. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire Ancient Stagira and Olynthos, as well as the famous Petralona cave, one of the most important caves of anthropological interest.


Chalkidiki has restaurants and beverages for all hours and all tastes: traditional tavernas, modern restaurants, barbecues, modern and traditional cafes, bars and nightclubs- food, drink and entertainment are always available.


Chalkidiki features unique beaches – organized and non organized, quiet or bustling- with crystal clear turquoise waters, where visitors can enjoy sea sports, swimming, eating, drinking and dancing.


Although Chalkidiki is best known for featuring wonderful beaches, forests and mountains in the area are also really unique. Visitors, professional and amateur naturalists, can explore the beauty of the nature, the rich flora and fauna of the place, walking the many existing trails and paths.


In Chalkidiki there are wonderful traditional villages such as Arnea and Afitos, featuring cobbled streets, stone houses, museums, and the traditional architecture of Macedonia.


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