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Paros is a typical Cycladic island

Paros is a typical Cycladic island that has been experiencing steady growth over the last three years. In fact, this year, it was declared the best island of Europe for the summer of 2019, according to the electronic edition of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Architecturally, the island reflects the unique Cycladic aesthetics, with white cubic houses, blue shutters, and labyrinthine alleys. Archaeologically and historically the visitor can travel to different eras, wandering between Mycenaean monuments, Venetian castles, old churches and well- preserved windmills.

In terms of tourist infrastructure, the island features modern hotels, lodgings, restaurants, wedding venues, and shops, able to serve over 700,000 visitors per year, for almost 8 whole months!

The increasing tourist traffic to the island of Paros, coupled with the professionalism of its residents, haw also transformed the island into a centerpiece for international investors or buyers. In fact, Paros, according to a survey of leading real estate agencies, is a top destination for luxury holiday home buyers, recording Return on Investment (ROI) up to 6.4%.

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Why invest in Paros?

✔ Has a highly developed tourism business sector

✔ Offers safe investment opportunities

✔ Is a top destination for luxury holiday home buyers

✔ Holiday houses of the island are designated investment products

✔ Has a network of professionals that ensure high-level services

✔ Provides a friendly institutional and legal environment to facilitate investment

Why stay in Paros;

Paros has about 13.000 permanent residents, who are mainly employed in agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Some of the island's population (about 3,000) are foreigners (British, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Turks).

Paros is a booming island, which has become a top destination for luxury home buyers from China, Russia, America, and the Middle East.

The island of Paros has a modern road network, necessary infrastructure and is connected to Athens with daily flights throughout the year. While during the summer season it is also connected daily with flights with Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Mykonos, and Crete.

The modern Infrastructure of Paros:

✔ health centers

✔ polyclinic

✔ hospital

✔ new port

✔ airport (upgraded)

✔ road network

✔ bus buses

✔ taxi

The island features a theater and a cinema, and of course, it hosts many cultural events (festivals, concerts etc.) as well as sporting events that bring together residents and tourists, thus creating a warm and welcoming community ambience.


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