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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the largest and most populated city of Macedonia. On an equal footing with Athens, and having once served as a co-reigning city, Thessaloniki is unofficially considered the co-capital city of Greece!
The "co-capital" of Greece is a transportation hub for Northern Greece and the Balkan Peninsula, facing the Thermaic Gulf. Located in a close distance to Chalkidiki and Pieria, Thessaloniki offers easy access to unique beaches, as well as to the ski resorts centers of Northern Greece.
Thessaloniki has always been a multinational, multicultural and open city, featuring elements from different eras. The Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the Slavs, and the Jews have all left their mark, creating one of the most beautiful cities in the whole region.
Thessaloniki has always been a popular tourist destination for the neighboring (Greek and non-Greek) areas. In recent years, however, the reduction in property cost and the significant investments made in the city’s infrastructure, have turned Thessaloniki to a centerpiece for both residential and commercial real estate investment.

Property investment interest by individuals, companies and hedge funds
Thessaloniki has become a centerpiece for investments from Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Israel, but also the neighboring Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia). Investors are most interested in the properties of the city center and the areas facing the sea.

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Why invest in Thessaloniki?

Excellent real estate and living costs
The cost of real estate in Thessaloniki has fallen sharply in recent years (even more compared to Athens), while living costs have always been affordable, especially in relation to other European cities. Here you can find high-quality services and excellent products at very affordable prices.

✔ Proximity to Balkan countries and Turkey
Thessaloniki is a unique transportation hub connecting, on one hand, Southern Greece with the Balkans (the proximity to Northern Macedonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria is impressive) and Europe to Turkey, on the other hand. Thessaloniki's connection with these countries is daily and involves all means (airplane, train, bus). This is one of the reasons why many companies choose Thessaloniki as their place of business in the Balkans.

Thessaloniki is a safe city with an infrastructure of European standards
The second largest city in Greece is characterized by multiculturalism and openness which make life in this city comfortable and enjoyable with lots of options for fun and amusement. In addition to this, Thessaloniki provides access to modern infrastructure that offers an excellent quality of life:

✅ Hospitals, private clinics, and doctors

✅ Public schools and private colleges

✅ Hotels and conference centers

✅ Modern transport network

In addition to the above, major infrastructure projects (metro, port, railway, Egnatia Odos, airport modernization) are being carried out or planned in Thessaloniki in the recent years, making it an even more attractive centerpiece investment.

Golden Visa: The Greek Golden Visa that attracts third-country nationals
The Greek Golden visa program has contributed to increasing the demand for investment in real estate in Athens. It is a favorable visa program; at a lower price than other similar visas, that permits third-country nationals to stay in Greece, while also providing them with the opportunity for free movement around Europe.

A popular religious destination
Thessaloniki, as a "co-reigning" city during the Byzantine Empire period, features quite a few temples and monasteries of unique value. Very close to Thessaloniki, on the peninsula of Athos, is located the unique Monastic State of Mount Athos, which is an important attraction for Orthodox pilgrims around the world.

A medical destination
Greek doctors are known for their high-level skills. In Thessaloniki, interested people from all over the world find top medical services at affordable prices. The capital has modern and well-equipped clinics, offices and facilities, staffed by specialized medical and nursing staff.

A popular destination for Turkish and Israeli citizens
Thessaloniki is the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal, which makes it a particularly attractive destination for Turkish citizens. Also, in Thessaloniki, had flourished for centuries one of the most important Jewish communities, leaving behind an important legacy that is a major attraction for the thousands of Israelis who visit the city every year.

Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF)
The international fair in Thessaloniki is an important economic, commercial, political and cultural event not only for the city but for the whole country. The Exhibition attracts thousands of businesses and exhibitors each year and even more visitors.

Why visit Thessaloniki? 


Thessaloniki combines historic and cultural elements of different eras (ancient Greece, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and modern Greece) in a unique way. Byzantines, Asia Minor refugees (1922), the Jewish residents and the Ottomans have all left their mark in the city’s architecture.
The White Tower (Lefkos Pyrgos) at the beach of Thessaloniki is the benchmark of the city. In Thessaloniki, however, you will find lots of ancient Greek and Roman monuments, Byzantine churches, dozens of museums for older and younger visitors, as well as great works of modern art.


At a very short distance from Thessaloniki, you have the opportunity to visit the famous resort of Chalkidiki, where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches of Northern Greece, and enjoy swimming, eating, drinking, dancing as well as sea sports!


Thessaloniki offers relaxation, plenty of good food, as well as entertainment. The cuisine of Thessaloniki with Pontian, Asia Minor, Polish, Armenian and Balkan influences is considered to be one of the best cuisines in Greece. In Thessaloniki, however, you can also find cuisines from all over the world, prepared with excellent quality ingredients. The city of Thessaloniki features dining and drinking areas for all hours and for all tastes: traditional tavernas, modern or gourmet restaurants, trendy bars, classic pubs, cafes, barbecues and canteens - food, drink, and entertainment are always available.


Cultural events (concerts, festivals, parades, theatrical performances in open theaters), as well as sports events (little marathons, bicycle races) are organized in Thessaloniki every year.


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