Live in Greece and travel freely in Europe with Greek golden visa

The Golden Visa program provided by the Greek state is one of the most affordable in Europe, but also among the most sought after in the world, providing legal stay in a European country and free movement in all EU countries, to third-country nationals. But it is also a "golden" opportunity to combine these benefits with a profitable investment in the Greek real estate market, which in recent years offers unique investment opportunities.

Investments in real estate that leads to residence permit

Buying a property in Greece gives you more than one choice to exploit your investment. The Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette  1, no 80) allows the granting of residence permits to third country nationals and to members of their families, who purchase real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds € 250,000. The amount of 250.000 euro refers merely to the property itself. In case you build or restore, the amount of 250.000 euro refers to both the purchase of the land plot and the construction. Furthermore, you can invest the same amount in touristic accommodations and have the right for residence permit. The purchases of properties or the leasing of the touristic accommodations must be done through notarial deeds, as per the Greek law, which are to be registered in land registries/cadastral offices. The minimum value of the property, as well as the contractual consideration of the touristic accomodation, is determined at two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) euro and must have been paid in full through bank accounts, upon the submission of the residence permit application.

Greek resident permit process details 

Resident permit process details

Cost of property purchase agreement

Transfer Tax* 3,09% of the higher value (objective or commercial) of the property Notary fee 1% plus VAT of the higher value (objective or commercial) of the property Lawyer fee  1% plus VAT of the higher value (objective or commercial) of the property Land Registry 0,8% of the higher value (objective or commercial) of the property Total Expenses of 6% -6.5% of the higher value

Cost of residence permit

 State fee (as of today)Legal fee Private insurance, depending on the age of each applicant:
Main investor20201500Age    Annual cost
3 months – 19 y.o.110 €
20 – 40 y.o. 130 €
41 – 60 y.o.150 €
61 – 70 y.o.165 €
71 – 75 y.oupon request
Family member1701000  


Details of opening bank account / Documents