Vitruvius is a fully integrated business operating across the entire lifecycle of the asset, which means that we put the customer at the centre of everything we do, ensuring the delivery of outstanding quality and service at every stage of the pre and post development process. This includes land assembly, land use & planning strategy, stakeholder engagement, sales & marketing, construction, customer care and asset management.

Professional Property Development Approach

Vitruvius Investments is a well-established and innovative property development company. We are passionate about creating high-quality places where people want to live, work, and play in Greece. Sustainable spaces that foster improved health and wellbeing. We focus on prime real estate developments and cover most market sectors. Vitruvius integrated approach means design and delivery is fundamental through the development lifecycle. We believe in creating some of Athens’s most aesthetic places for living and working. In addition, our knowledge and years of experience mean we’re experts in navigating the complexity of Athens’s planning rules and regulations, which are beneficial to us and our partners.

Feasibility to Profitability in Athens

Our in-house team executes on development in Greece and guides development with our international partners. We approach the conception and advancement of a project with these guiding principles top of mind:

From land acquisition and planning, through design and construction, to marketing and sales, we manage the entire process. By doing as much as possible in-house, we avoid the complications of using multiple contractors and suppliers and enjoy complete control of the project. This helps us deliver on the promises we make to our stakeholders and customers. More than just homes, we build communities with a keen focus on the future.

We focus on residential for sale and build to rent schemes, combined with mixed-use opportunities including hotels, flexible workspaces, retail and logistics, seeking out value and maximising opportunities for our partners from the most unexpected places. Entrepreneurial in our approach, we are united by our passion for transforming this great Athens city.

Evaluating real estate developments has become a complex science that demands in- depth knowledge of market trends, realistic assessment of a project’s physical, market, financial, and political feasibility,and an understanding of investment risks and rewards.

Our comprehensive approach to analyzing and integrating these factors has proven effective in helping clients maximize the profitability of their investment decisions. We work with developers, property owners, businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies, and public agencies to establish the value of real estate assets, identify competitive market factors, conduct location analyses, evaluate the financial feasibility of projects, and devise action plans to facilitate timely implementation of projects or investment programs. Development Strategies keeps abreast of changing trends. We anticipate the effects of economic, market, societal and governmental changes on real estate investment ideas and decisions.

Property Development Process

Pre Purchase Stage

Negotiating Contracts & Purchasing

City Planning & Development

  1. Approval Enlist a town planner
  2. Understand council guidelines
  3. Obtain planning permits

Working Drawing & Documentation

Pre Construction

Construction Plan for unexpected delays

Completion To sell or not to sell

Construction Approach

From zoning to design, construction, marketing and eventual disposition, our meticulous attention to every detail of the process ensures that those seeking a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle find that our buildings exceed all expectations. Our projects are the new standard by which to measure urban development.

Build with purpose

Every project starts with careful site selection and a cultural understanding of the neighborhoods we build in. Our vision is brought to life through the execution of our experienced and driven staff, coupled with the partnerships we have established with top architects, engineers, and sub-contractors. We understand that development projects must be completed in a way that’s both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing in relation to its surroundings. Our innovative solutions make that possible without the need for compromise.

Designs of distinction

Our buildings are designed using unique inspiration combined with contemporary building techniques, changing the face of modern neighborhoods with buildings that feel modern but embrace the styles of the surrounding community. At the core of our architectural principle is a combination of simple, elegant design and livability with a focus on developing infill locations to revitalize great communities. We design modern classics that become focal points for owners and tenants.