Crete Island


Crete Island

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and the fifth largest in Mediterranean.

Real Estate in Crete

Crete combines the old with the new, the mountain with the sea and gathers so many comparative advantages that it is now one of the most popular Greek destinations. It has innumerable architectural diamonds that it acquired.

Real Estate Investment Reasons in Crete

  1. The investment in Crete land could be the best deal of your life because this big and beautiful island is for every age, for every purse, for all tastes.
  2. The growth of tourism in Crete is gradually increasing, so the chances for an investment are plenty and very profitable.
  3. New and modern amenities and facilities on airports, ports and accommodation have contributed to this climaxed request.
  4. Crete belongs to a country with a very developed tourist infrastructure and this gives it the advantage of any investment to ‘pay’ directly.
  5. Unique real estates in Crete ,whether you are looking for an old townhouse or a Venetian villa in Chania old town or a stone house in the amazing villages, a modern villa in busy Heraklion or a seaside luxury house or villa in Elouda , Vitruvius Investments is here for you.