In which areas do we find the most studio apartments in Athens?


In which areas do we find the most studio apartments in Athens?

Studio apartments are the new trend of the Athenian capital. We can meet them everywhere but mainly we find them in large numbers in areas that host residents whose needs are fully covered by a micro-apartment.

Such areas are definitely:

-Athens city-center. Due to its character, it is almost impossible to think of a large apartment in the center from all points of view...both the space, which is limited in the center, and the cost as the prices/sq.m. are quite high. Most choose to live in studio apartments in the center or buy them and then exploit them for investment by renting them out on short-term rental platforms and collecting quite high rents.

-The areas in which we have university institutions. It is known that Athens is home to the most and most famous universities that attract hundreds of thousands of students every year, creating huge housing needs and a clear high demand in this field. The studio apartments come to cover exactly these needs and offer to students a small, economical and highly functional living environment and in fact very close to their universities. Typical such areas with an abundance of studio apartments are the city center (Exarchia), the area of Zografou, Ilisia and Piraeus.

-Areas near multinational companies with foreign workforce. Now, many multinational companies have chosen Athens as their base, where they very often "bring" workforce from abroad. People who move for this reason usually choose to stay close to their work and clearly want spaces that are economical, small and practical. The solution for them is studio apartments. For this reason, we observe an abundance of studio apartments mainly in the Piraeus area, where these companies are mostly active.