Microapartments in Athens - The New Normal


Microapartments in Athens - The New Normal

First, of all let's have a look at why living in a micro apartment is the new "normal – living"?

- Healthy solution to housing crisis (overpopulation, lack of space, high prices)

- Pushes you to reflect deeper on the necessity of certain things ( better control of the budget)

- Offers you coziness but at the same time pushes you to out of home activities (socialization)

- Good transition solution before ending up to your final house (doesn't limit you as would happen if you had jumped straight into the acquisition of your final house)

The acquisition of a micro-apartment  can only be considered  as a very smart investment solution both if you are its owner or its tenant.

Coming to Athens now, it is without any question a city that needs the micro-apartments  when you consider its size, the number of its inhabitants, the incredibly high number of foreign tourists that welcomes every season of the year and now the ever-increasing number of digital nomads.