1. High and quick appreciation

Properties which are cheaper in price tend to appreciate faster compared to the others. This trend has successfully attracted several investors as it's a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. Most of the big cities have reached a saturation point and now its outskirts are fast developing with affordable properties. The fast growing social infrastructure has attracted several second home buyers too who invest at a much lower cost and reap higher return on these investments. With arterial roads and higher accessibility, these properties have successfully attracted several buyers and renters.

2. Limited risk

The first thing that concerns an investor is the risk involved when buying a property and is this risk is present in every avenue of investment. However, unlike shares or gold, affordable properties come with a lower risk chance because of the lower capital and one can be assured of getting returns. These affordable properties can also act as a good source of rent and is the best possible option for investors who are cautious.

3. High end market saturation

The luxury property market have come to a point of stagnation due to the inflated prices and are way above the affordability margin. With this decline, several premiere builders have announced projects in the affordable property market as it is has become easier to cater to the mid-level market. With saturation in the high end market, considering an investment in the affordable market has become a viable investment opportunity.

4. Higher resale value and easy exit 

Scope for resale in the affordable property market is higher due to the higher amount of buyers opting to invest in this is zone because of the much lower price range. The high demand for affordable properties also helps pave a path for higher resale price which eventually helps get more profit. As an investor, targeting the affordable segment is surely a much better option than that of high priced ones.

5. Renting has never been this easy

Affordable properties are known to have better rental prospects primarily due to their lower prices. These areas with affordable properties have seen a fast growth in infrastructure and urbanization. They have all the basic amenities required for a good living. These factors attribute to it being better for renting and one can be assured to find a suitable tenant willing to rent the property. This ease in finding a tenant will also ensure constant cash flow.

6. High return on investments

Property investments is the safest way to get good return on capital and with an affordable property, you can resell the property to get your money back with profit. These properties can also be rented out for a regular cash flow.

If you have plans of investing in a property with good return on investment and worried about the fluctuations in the property market, affordable housing is the way to go to get the best out of the money invested.